Scottie Nell Hughes is either lying or thinks we are stupid

Former occasional Faux News talking head and former CNN political commentator Scottie Nell Hughes was on NPR’s “Morning Edition” today, and in her interview she voiced her concerns about the Trump Administration’s handling of the Rob Porter Scandal, and specifically Drumpf’s dropping of the ball on speaking out against abuse.

What boggles the mind is that this is the same woman who steadfastly defended the Pussy Grabber In Chief when his own allegations of abuse and misconduct arose during the election.

But, now, we’re supposed to buy her outrage because the White House fumbled this scandal? Granted, the allegations are horrendous: Porter, an alleged wife-beater was not only lauded by the White House (and the Marmalade Colored One himself) when the story broke, but, the facts are pointing towards high level officials having known well beforehand about this. And letting him work in the White House ANYWAY.

Thats some pretty heinous shit.

But, now we’re expected to believe the words coming out of Hughes’ mouth? When she says:

And right now, you’re seeing across America 1 out of every 2 women have suffered sexual harassment in the workplace. One of out – out of every 4 have been touched by domestic violence – 99 percent of them, financial abuse.

Am I the only one who screams, “Yeah….but you defended Darth Cheeto when HE did it because it suited your agenda!” ????

Her choice for leader of the free world literally has a Wikipedia page just for his sexual allegations, endorsed an accused child molester (even while he himself has been accused of spying on underage girls), and paid off a porn star he cheated with while his wife was post-partum.

But we’re supposed to believe that Scottie is “concerned” now.

Yeah….ok Scottie.




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