2018. A new year. A new me?

2018. Its here.

And I havent written anything on this blog in months.

There are many reasons for this…many of them center around the current state of affairs in this country. Frankly, being brown in the United States is fucking tiring at the moment. Darth Cheeton has been POTUS for a year now, and between hearing and seeing that blithering idiot spout racist crap left and right with his 4th grade vocabulary, and having to defend to our white friends WHY what he says actually IS racist, I’m frankly too tired of actually speaking at the end of the day, in real life, to speak virtually here.

This saddens me.

So, even though I am not normally one for News Years Resolutions (they ARE kind of stupid), I made a couple. Chief among them being to spend more time pouring my brain out here, and less in the real world. Especially about race.

I will no longer be the racism explainer for my white friends. If ya’ll can’t see that shit when it’s in your face, thats on you. It’s a fundamental flaw in your soul that you need to work on.

And it’s simply not my fucking job to guide you there anymore.

(more on that later)

I have decided that this site will become my ANGST.

And my other site will become my WONDER.

I’ll try and write at least once per week. And between the two sites, hopefully, my sanity will be preserved.

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