Laura Ingraham is racist trash

I had fully intended to come back into this blogging thing with more essay like material. I even have a piece in the works.

But then, Faux News host Laura Ingraham opened her mouth, blew her racist little dog whistle and made the decision for me.

LeBron James should “Shut up and dribble”, she says.

She says this after taking a jab at his “grammar” and “barely intelligible” diction. Which would be alright if she didn’t then play the video and prove her own lie. Granted, LeBron misspeaks at one point…but, you can only tell that he misspeaks because his “grammar” is “intelligible”. Hmmm I wonder what her REAL issue here is?

It can’t be the fact that an “unelected” rich celebrity has a political opinion…. even though she claims it is…. because that doesn’t stop her, or the network she is a paid shill for, from promoting the likes of…

John Voight (unelected rich guy)

Ted Nugent (unelected rich guy)

or Chuck Norris (unelected rich guy)

So I wonder what the REAL issue is….?

Could it be that Laura only likes the opinions of rich white guys who support Drumpf?

Hey, Laura, just admit that you don’t like non-whites publically airing their dislike of the POtuS you adore so much.

Put down the dog whistle, Becky, and don your white hood.

Because you aren’t fooling anyone.




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