Just to be clear: You can’t have PERMISSION to say the N word

If you go to your friends house, and he says, “Make yourself at home! Grab a beer from the fridge!”, you know that doesnt mean you can go in ALL houses and grab beers from ALL fridges. You know that this permission extends just to that one fridge. In fact, in many cases it extends to just that one night…this isn’t forever permission.

This is something we all understand, I think. Its inherent.

So why are there SO many white dudes out here thinking that just because your one black friend said you can say “Nigger” around him, you are not suddenly granted a “Say Nigger Whenever You Want” card. Because, again, its inherent, isn’t it?

And that card doesn’t exist.

Look, just cause that one guy that plays pick-up basketball with you is ok with you using a slur with him, you still need to understand a few things:

  1. We are not all related. So that motherfucker doesnt speak for all of us
  2. Because of #1, you might catch both of these hands if you say it around someone else
  3. And, like John Hoskins, an assistant high school coach in Wake County, NC…you might just lose your damn job too

Full Disclosure: I think Mr Hoskins is a fucking liar. He’s so full of shit his hair is turning brown. I do not truly think the black people around him, especially the kids he coached, told him it was ok for him to say “nigger”. I think they instead just shook their heads, chalked him up as another racist motherfucker, and went on with their lives. And in the case of those kids, he was a coach! I’m more apt to believe they just went on with their lives and looked forward to a time when they could get the fuck up out of Wake County and away from his racist ass, than thinking, “Oh…we let ALL the cool coaches demean our entire race! It’s awesome! And Funny!”.


and GTFOH.

Oh…and of course, John Hoskins will let you know that he’s not a racist…and he didn’t mean “White Power” and “Nigger” in a negative way.

Still waiting for this dumb fuck to explain what the positive way to say those things is.

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