Lester: bless your little inbred heart

Fuck you


I held off really diving back into this blogging thing. I knew it would eat up time, probably cause me to spew more than a little anger, and lead to idiots arguing with me who hadn’t taken the time to actually research the facts. Instead, they would simply parrot whatever Faux News or Orangina 45 said most recently.

Then “Lester” came along, bless his racist little heart, and gave me a two-fer.

  1. He gave me inspiration to blog more, and
  2. a reason to bring back the “Fuck You o’ The Week”!

Thanks Lester!

Lester read my post about “Black Privilege” and stopped fucking his cousin long enough to post a comment:

This is why you deserve to be kept calling [sic] niggers. Quoting Damon Young, using terms like “white tears”, believing in the imaginary creature called “white privilege”, no wonder you dindus all keep the low IQ stereotypes alive. Work on yourselves first.

P.S. Even if white privilege were real, you racist spearchuckers would just pull the same mental gymnastics to justify that with “muh oppression” and whatever untrue bullshit you SJWs pull out of your ass.

I can picture Lester right now… grinning with a bit of chaw in his lip, tobacco juice staining all 3 of his teeth. He’s probably got a denim shirt with the sleeves cut off, a well worn MAGA hat, and a mullet that makes his mother positively wet with joy. And he’s typing away with glee, thinking he did so well putting me in my rightful place.

Lester, most people would assume that the best parts of you ran down your mama’s leg, but, I disagree.

Judging by your comment above, I understand your feeling that you should have only had to take the 6th grade twice instead of three times…that teacher was just out to get you! But, just like that teacher Lester, I’m going to have to give you a bad grade on this assignment.

True: You deserve extra credit for using 3 slurs in one comment, but, sadly you painted yourself into a corner you can’t quite get out of. You can’t say we have low IQs AND accuse us of using mental gymnastics in the same insult! You just fucked up your own insult little buddy!

It’s kind of got to be one or the other.

That’s the way logic works.

But, look at your little dumb ass go! Trying to play with the big kids and shit!

It’s ok though…go beat up your dog, or your wife, or fuck a pig, or your wife, or whatever it is idiotic rednecks do the blow off steam. Hell…chances are the pig, the dog and your wife are all the same creature! Trifecta! You’ll feel better immediately!

Good effort though! I kind of wish I had waited in line a little longer, and taken that chance to be your daddy. But, if I had, I would have died from whatever backwoods STD your mama has, and you would have gotten enough intelligence from that injection of my DNA to have avoided this altogether.

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